Joining and Contacting

Contacting the Mother Lode Grotto

Are you are interested in further information about MLG? Please write to us at: Mother Lode Grotto P.O.Box 41531 Sacramento, CA 95841-0531 Or email: jeremydelcid@msn.comĀ or

Mother Lode Grotto Officers

Chairperson Jeremy Del Cid (530) 574-2006
Vice-Chair Jesus Mata (530) 721-7290
Treasurer Kathy Greaves (916)846-3317
Secretary Marianne Russo (916) 663-2571
Editor Heather McDonald (530) 666-3823

Joining the Mother Lode Grotto

The MLG welcomes non-members at our meetings and on our novice cave trips. We want you to feel comfortable and know what the grotto is like before you join. We are looking for cavers who will support the grotto and its activities through regular attendance at meetings and participation in trips and training sessions. We believe in careful, conservation- minded caving. We support the NSS and strongly encourage all of our members to join.